With a modern premises in the Westland province of Holland, our company, one of the last surviving family run flower businesses in Holland, employs specialist buyers, salesmen and packers who work tirelessly to ensure the best possible service for each and every customer.

The family run company started in 1975 with selling flowers directly to florist shops. Over the years Sjaak van der Vijver BV build an improved and dedicated distribution network. The name become a synonym for quality and service. 
With clients in the whole UK, from Cornwall to Scottland, Northern Ireland and even the remotest parts of the British Isles, the company started to expand. In the 90's it became possible to offer the same quality and service in Poland, Russia and Romania.

By 2004, the company, under the management of the current directors, who maintain the same family ethos, had grown to become one of the most influential and forward thinking flower exporters in Holland. Continuing the family tradition of never standing still, the company started trading in Southern Europe and now deals with wholesalers in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

So when you are looking for a flower or plant supplier, that can offer you the best flowers and plants from Holland and all around the world, with family values and an impeccable track record for quality, customer service and integrity, then look no further! We  will be honoured to welcome you as one of our customers.

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